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Nukids has developed a curriculum for the children that matches closely with the NSW kindergarten syllabus, which enables the children to have a strong foundation in prior to starting kindergarten after a few years. The early childhood development program is in alignment with the school readiness program that ensures the children to be ready for school. This not only includes fun-learning activities like alphabets, colors, or numbers, but also includes role-play, public speaking, and development of the interpersonal & social skills.

We encourage our children to be confident, to make new friends, and to be updated with what is going around. A child can learn all the good things easily and quickly, so why not teach them at an early stage?

Nukids has a dedicated space for exploration, and group activities, wherein they learn to self-direct their own learning in small groups and rotating activities. Along with this, we also participate in the transition to the School Learners Program with the local school, where the children get to travel to the school, and in various other incursions across the year to ensure an engaged, and a mindful learning process throughout.

The excursions are based on a topic that is meant to learn and explore, which tickles their imagination and contributes to different aspects of learning. For instance, visiting a dairy farm would make them understand how the products like milk, cheese, and cream that they consume in their routine, are formed, and visits to the police & fire brigade would allow them to know the importance of the work they do for the community.

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About Us

Nukids Learning

Nukids Early Learning is established to embrace the unique abilities of every child gracefully. We value and understand the fact that every child is unique, and hence, we have a nurturing learning environment for each one of them. Our aim is to provide children with a feeling of self-worth and help them establish their own identities as they grow up. The team at Nu Kids Early Learning are professionals with an accredited degree and experience in early childhood education and development.

Our teaching methodologies encourage confidence-building, group participation, and develop good values at an early stage of their life. We take our own time to teach children the art of caring and respecting everyone around them. As their early childhood educators, we indulge them in various activities that lay a strong foundation in their growth process. Activities like counting and sorting, pre-reading and pre-writing activities, matching, number counting, name recognition, alphabet letter, art and craft, music and dance, story-telling, and many more, are the routine activities that take place at Nukids Early Learning, to help boost the thinking skills of children.

With us, your children are safe and are looked after well, while we maintain the highest standards of early childhood education and development.

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